Marcus Crenshaw aka Coolest CEO and Damien Mcswine aka Wellness Mogul

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Chicago Native Bryant Westbrooks , All N one productions .

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Marcus Crenshaw and Damien Mcswine 

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The mind is arguably the most powerful machine on earth.  Yet it is the last place we look in order to solve our personal and social problems.  

The Cheat Code To Black Riches is the first ever visual book created that explains the mental processes and physical implementation of universal laws (practiced by indigenous royal civilizations) that when followed are guaranteed to help procure a life beyond our imagination.  

For more than four centuries Blacks in America and beyond have been disenfranchised, publicly humiliated and collectively depressed due to an oppressive system with innumerable covert agendas.  

This visual book offers proven practical methods that will galvanize Urban and Black communities globally while encouraging them to tap into a higher level of consciousness that supersedes systematic plots which infringe upon their right to be rich in every aspect of life.